Our projects are the result of multiple efforts, including the participation of local communities and partners.


Rehabilitating school courtyards with SSSE, Beqaa, Lebanon

Co-designing a playground for displaced children with Habibi International, Kurdistan, Iraq

Reviving and renovating public stairs in Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh with UN-Habitat, Beirut, Lebanon

‘Creating Spaces for Peace’ with International Alert, Majdal Anjar, Lebanon

Rehabilitating educational infrastructure with Terre des Hommes, Beirut, Lebanon


Co-creating children’s environments through narratives with Nusaned, Beirut, Lebanon

Karantina neighbourhood intervention with Terre des Hommes, Beirut, Lebanon

“Mauj” project with the RELIEF Centre in El-Mina, Lebanon

Safe Parks in Kaskas and Basta with Himaya, Beirut, Lebanon

Karantina Streetscape with UN-Habitat and Fondation de France, Beirut, Lebanon

Inclusive playscape in Ghobeiry with Terre des Hommes, Lebanon


Karantina Park rehabilitation with Terre des Hommes, Beirut, Lebanon

Inclusive Safe Parks with Terre des Hommes, Arsal + Hermel + Barja, Lebanon & with Amel Association International, Qaraoun, Lebanon

Sparkle School Mural with AUB Neighbourhood Initiative, Beirut, Lebanon

Participatory Spatial Intervention with DPU and IGP at the University College of London (UCL), and the American University of Beirut (AUB), Bar Elias, Lebanon

Child Friendly Spaces with War Child Holland, Tal Abbas + Al Jamous, Lebanon

School Playgrounds Rehabilitation with Right to Play (RTP), Chehour + Chanay + Tyre, Lebanon


Bouday Child Friendly Space (CFS) with War Child Holland (WCH) and LOST, Bouday, Lebanon

Beirut ♥ Play with AUB Neighbourhood Initiative, Beirut, Lebanon

Inclusive Playground with The Forum, Tripoli, Lebanon (unbuilt)

Maker Space with SALAM LADC and Patrick Thelen, Taanayel, Lebanon

Vocational Training Centre with SOS Children’s Villages, Qsarnaba, Lebanon (unbuilt)

BASMA playground with Social Support Society (SSS), Ghazze, Lebanon


Jarahieh School with Jusoor, Sawa for Development & Aid, Save the Children Italy, Al-Marj, Lebanon

Karantina Public Park with The Chain Effect, Urban Pins, Recycle Lebanon and GreenStudios, Beirut, Lebanon

FURSA playground with Jusoor, Jeb Janine, Lebanon

Malala School Playground with Kayany Foundation, Bar Elias, Lebanon (unbuilt)

Pikpa Public Space with PIKPA, Lesvos, Greece (unbuilt)

Majdel Anjar School Playground with Kayany Foundation, Anjar, Lebanon (unbuilt)

IBTASEM playground with Kayany foundation, AUB CCECS, Bar Elias, Lebanon

Baqa’a camp installation with Samar Maqusi, Amman, Jordan

Projects inspired by IBTASEM playground

Playground by Fondation Je veux jouer, Arihah, Syria, 2017

Playground in Dunkirk MSF camp by TribeLab and Les Saprophytes, Dunkirk, France, 2017

Playground by BSA with Sawa for Development & Aid, Bar Elias, Lebanon, 2018

Playground by Fondation Je veux jouer, Sarmadā, Syria, 2019

Playground by BSA with Kayany Foundation, Anjar, Lebanon, 2019

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What We Do

We empower communities through design

We believe that small changes can result in a big impact.