We work on innovative research projects that inform our practice.

Playful Cities Toolkit – Design Guide. With Arup. (2022)

Prosperity Index of El Mina, Tripoli. With the RELIEF Centre, IGP. (2020-2022)

El Mina Participatory Spatial Intervention. With the RELIEF Centre. (2021-22)

Beirut Post-Blast Response: Supporting Inclusive and Integrated Recovery in Karantina. With UNDP. (2021)

Karantina Participatory Spatial Intervention. With the RELIEF Centre. (2021)

Urban recovery solutions in Beirut (Lebanon). With the RELIEF Centre and AUB Beirut Urban Lab. (2021)

DeCID: Developing a new approach for the participatory design of social infrastructure for children in urban areas affected by displacement. With UCL and AUB(2020 – ongoing)

Design and implementation guide for young children and caregivers in deprived urban areas. With Arup(2019 – 2020)

Participatory Spatial Intervention: How can participatory design and a diversity lens help address vulnerabilities in Bar Elias, Lebanon? With UCL and AUB. (2018 – 2019)

Forced migration and adolescent mental health: Understanding the cultural determinants of mental health in a context of mass displacement. With UCL and AUB. (2018-2019)

Addressing Lebanon’s ‘double crisis’: film in & as research. With UCL, AUB and Salam Ya Sham‎.(2019)

RELIEF Centre: Speeding up transitions to sustainable, prosperous societies in the context of mass displacement, to improve the quality of people’s lives. (2017-ongoing)

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What We Do

We integrate design and participation

We believe that small changes can result in a big impact.