Shelter and infrastructure

Participatory Spatial Intervention

This project is part of the research project: Participatory Spatial Intervention, funded by the British Academy. The overall objective of this project was to reduce vulnerabilities and improve wellbeing through spatial interventions; and to do so through the active participation of the local community. Throughout the process new ways were

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Child Friendly Spaces in Tal Abbas and Al Jamous

Educational facilities within Informal Tented Settlements are often set up in existing tents or other temporary shelters. In many cases, due to the lack of resources and to the impossibility to use permanent building materials within the ITSs, these educational spaces lack essential features that define a safe learning environment.

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Inclusive Parks in Arsal, Hermel, Barja and Qaraoun

Four Inclusive Parks to promote inclusive public spaces for children in vulnerable locations in Lebanon.

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Safe spaces for children in Bouday

Creating safe spaces to nurture creativity and imagination.

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BASMA: A Playground to foster community cohesion

Fostering community cohesion through play spaces.

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Karantina Play Garden: Atmospheres for Encounters

Addressing neighborhood social integration through play.

Jarahieh School for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

Providing good quality education for refugees through the re-use of temporary exhibition buildings.

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Public recreational spaces for migrants and refugees in Lesvos

Using communal recreational spaces as tools for social inclusion and healing in the Pikpa refugee camp in Lesvos.

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