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At CatalyticAction we pride ourselves for our strong partnerships with a wide range of organisations with whom we implement our activities.

CatalyticAction’s team have a particular set of skills that focuses on architecture and participatory planning, but these skills are not enough to make a project sustainable, which is why the collaboration with well-established local partners is always essential to the success of our work.

Most of our partners integrate our work by providing with great knowledge of the local communities where we operate as well as providing long-term strategies for the use of the spaces that we implement (e.g. educational program to run in a school, sports activities to run in a playground, etc.).

That’s why partnerships are a key element of our work. The spaces we have built are always a result of these partnerships and the dialogues that we have undertook throughout the years with all our partners.

If you would like to discuss a possible collaboration or simply have a chat to come up with an idea together, please email us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Selected partners

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