Our Impact

Our projects until the present day are creating valuable impacts in education, local economy, equal engagement and well-being.

To date we have built 20 educational spaces, benefitting the most vulnerable groups, including children, elderly and people with disabilities.

“I worked with a team of international people, I really enjoyed working with them because of how they valued our knowledge.”

Naji, local labourer, Jarahieh School

“We play here and have fun. The games at Ibtasem Playground are comfortable and I enjoy playing basketball the most.”

Shahed, girl student, Ibtasem Playground

“We are very happy that our knowledge of cleaning the wool helped to build a warmer school for our children.”

Sara, wool expert, Jarahieh School


We have learned that only through a genuine process of knowledge sharing it is possible to actually enable the people we are working with, to improve their lives.

Through our projects we have trained over 120 people.


We worked with the most vulnerable groups including children, elderly, women and people with disabilities.


We recognize the productive capacities of the people we work with, enabling them to provide for themselves.

Through our work we have been able to create 240 job opportunities. In addition to this, 95% of construction materials were purchased within 8 Km from each project’s site.


We believe that people’s well being is crucial for the community’s future. Through our inclusive design approaches we succeeded in creating a long lasting impact on the participants’ personal development.


What We Do

We integrate design and participation



We follow clear and strong values


Where We Work

We work in different contexts

We believe that small changes can result in a big impact.

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