Our Projects

We work with communities to deliver projects that they can go on to sustain themselves.

BASMA: A Playground to foster community cohesion

Fostering community cohesion through play spaces.

More BASMA<span>: A</span> Playground <span>to foster</span> community cohesion

Karantina Play Garden: Atmospheres for Encounters

Addressing neighborhood social integration through play.

More <span>Karantina</span> Play Garden<span>:</span> Atmospheres for Encounters

FURSA: A Playground for Refugee children as Emergency response

Positioning children in emergency relief.

More FURSA<span>: A</span> Playground <span>for</span> Refugee children <span>as</span> Emergency response

Jarahieh School for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

Providing good quality education for refugees through the re-use of temporary exhibition buildings.

More <span>Jarahieh</span> School <span>for</span> Syrian <span>refugee</span> children <span>in Lebanon</span>

Public recreational spaces for migrants and refugees in Lesvos

Using communal recreational spaces as tools for social inclusion and healing in the Pikpa refugee camp in Lesvos.

More Public <span>recreational</span> spaces <span>for</span> migrants <span>and</span> refugees <span>in</span> Lesvos

Enhancing education through participatory art in Nairobi

Using art and community participation as tools for enhancing education and community empowerment.

More <span>Enhancing</span> education <span>through</span> participatory art <span>in</span> Nairobi

Space of Refuge

‘Space of Refuge’ is an exhibition/spatial installation which investigates the role of spacial production in Palestinian refugee camps.

More Space <span>of</span> Refuge