Who we are

CatalyticAction is a charity that works to promote human rights through the use of strategic and innovative community-led spatial interventions.

What we do

CatalyticAction’s work aims at alleviating poverty and inequalities by empowering communities.
We work with communities to deliver projects that can go on to sustain themselves, therefore catalysing community resilience. We achieve this, by integrating our design and architectural skills with our experience in participatory engagement.
We use participatory methods as a tool to assess needs, implement solutions and monitor their impact.
We endeavour to challenge the status-quo, where marginalised groups can become dependent on long term aid, and instead work to produce self-sufficient and strong communities. We work in following three sectors:
- Shelter
- Child protection
- Education
While focusing mainly on these three sectors, our work also includes livelihoods programs.

We believe that small changes can result in a big impact.